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Smart, creative, worry free events ...


Designing and producing an event – whether it be a wedding, corporate event, fund-raising dinner, conference, expo, or community festival - is like a high-wire act without the safety nets. Once your event starts there are no second chances.

A successful event can provide tremendous marketing, organisational and personal benefits. An unsuccessful event is a nightmare.

At Special Events, we are passionate about successful events that achieve results - outstanding experiences, lasting memories and satisfied clients.

What we do ...

We design, plan and manage a wide range of events including corporate marketing events, conferences, fund-raisers and arts or social events. Our events range from large festival to small intimate occasions and private functions.

What we can do for you ...

We confidently tackle all aspects of event management including choosing a theme, establishing a budget, selecting a venue, organising catering and security. We manage the planning, paperwork, staffing and budget. We are experts at developing event marketing and sponsorship plans to reach the right target audience.

Our team is knowledgeable, approachable, and very creative. We work together to produce a hassle-free event that our clients can enjoy and look back on as a fantastic experience.

We’re happy to give you feedback on any event you are considering.  Give us a call 027 297 9643 or browse this site to view some of the events on our calendar.  

Whether it’s organising an event for 20 people or 20,000 people … we’ll make it a very special event.